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Victoria Axten - Equine Horse Dentist

I have been involved with horses since a very young age, always playing an active part within my family. This involved breeding cobs, showing in hand and carriage driving.


During my childhood I tried to make sure I was on hand whenever the vet visited as I was so intrigued by the nature of the work. I wanted a career working with animals and later deciding to pursue a career as an equine horse dentist.

I studied at North East Surrey College of Technology Training achieving qualifications in Animal Care Management and Btec Diploma in Animal Science.

At this time, I had started competing in long distance endurance riding. Having completed my diploma, I then attended The Academy Of Equine Dentistry in Idaho
Training under the guidance of Principle Master Equine Dentist - Dale Jeffery

More recently I completed Advanced studies at
The American School of Equine Dentistry in Florida,USA.

My studies covered equine dental & oral anatomy.
The history of equine dentistry, tooth structure,
Anatomy & Abnormalities of the Oral cavity,
Deciduous teeth, Periodontal ligament, Alveolar bone relationship to teeth.
The biomechanical function of the equine hypsodont dentition,
Numbering systems, Anatomy of the horse’s head and mouth.
The common dental pathologies and malocclusions, as well as basic equilibration techniques used to stop/slow progression of dental disease.

  • Biomechanics of the mastication cycle
  • Principles of occlusion
  • Skull Evaluations
  • Communicable diseases
  • Parrot mouths
  • Under bites
  • Bit damage
  • Incisor realignments
  • Excessive transverse-ridging
  • Clinical radiology
  • Understanding pressure
  • Periodontal disease
  • Balancing principles
  • Working on geriatric horses

Dental records are maintained for all those treated and I make regular contact with all of my customers by communicating reminders for inspections or treatment.

I use 'Natural Horsemanship' when ground handling, treating and working with horses
My handling techniques are kinder and gentler than traditional methods
and help develop a rapport with horses.

I actively promote working alongside veterinary professionals not only where sedation and x-rays are required but also in advanced dental cases ensuring the best progression for that particular patient.

Equipment is disinfected for full protection against bacterial, viral and fungal contamination to ensure against the spread of contaminates between horses.

Please note: I will not perform any work on animals / equines without a current Tetanus Vaccination.
This is required as preventative protection against the chance of Clostrium Tetanii infection