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Equident™ - The Equine Toothbrush

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Hopefully many of you realise the importance of maintaining healthy teeth in a horse ?

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The Equine Toothbrush is a purposefully designed brush that helps dislodge packed
feed stuck in the diastimas (gaps) between molars,
pre-molars & incisors to help reduce the build up of tartar on canines.

Packed feed, if left can lead to periodontal (gum) disease,
So it’s up to you as owners
to help reduce these risks as much as possible.

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You brush your teeth twice a day. So why not your horse?
Even once a week can make a difference.

Key Benefits

For All horses, Easy to Use & Clean
Useful to remove packed feed from diastimas
For horses without dental problems
Can help prevent mouth discomfort & reduce tartar

Equident toothbrush

The brushes are presented in an easy to store pouch which keeps your brush clean.

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Brush Cost - £26.99


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