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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [ What are the possible signs that my horse needs dental care?]
A: [ There are many, some common signs are listed below;]
  • Poor performance, Resisting the bit.
  • Head tossing &tilting, Rearing, Weight Loss,
  • Foul breath and Chewing abnormalities
These are all good indicators that treatment maybe required.
Q: [ What are the benefits of regular care?]
A: [ Firstly knowing you have a happy animal ]
  • Improved Performance & Feed efficiency.
  • Improved Health & comfort.
  • Helps to maintain weight & alleviate mouth pain.
Q: [ How often should my horse be examined? ]
A: [ If you are unsure call me for an appointment ]
The required frequency of dental work varies.
  • Routine checkups are recommended every six months.
  • Young horses should be examined before training.

Please note: I will not perform any work on animals / equines without a current Tetanus Vaccination. This is required as preventative protection against possible chance of Clostrium Tetanii infection